How To Save Money On SSL Certificates?

How To Save Money On SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificate

Google stresses on it. Your customers are looking for it. Your information security is dependent on it.Encryption. The web desperately needs it. Individuals, businesses and everyone else who uses the online must encrypt the information that they send and get upon the world wide web. The obvious method to encrypt data of website,blog or email that is moved between web server and web browser would be with the support of a SSL certificate.

Buying a SSL certificate requires cash. If you are operating a business, especially an eCommerce business, every single dollar counts. Thus, it’s very good to know some ways that you may save costs while buying a SSL certificate.

Know website needs

Every site is unique and has its own level of security requirement. Thus, the very first point in keeping your SSL certification buying cost to the bare minimum is by identifying the precise kind of SSL certification your site requirements.

SSL certificates can be classified into several types depending on the number of domains that they affirm and the extent of security investigation that they provide.

Dependent on the number of domain names that they validate, SSL certificates can be classified into:

  • Single Domain SSL — SSL certificates which encrypt only 1 site domain at one time.
  • Multi Domain SSL or Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) — SSL certificates which are utilized to secure multiple domains and several host names within a domain . Any site operator would be likely to branch out your site into multiple domain names that will be utilized for certain purposes subsequently multi domain SSL, as an instance, Comodo PositiveSSL Mutli Domain is your ideal option for this. Multi Domain SSL certification will help save a lot of cash rather than investing in every individual certificate for each domain name.
  • Wildcard SSL — SSL certificates which may be used to reestablish one domain and its infinite sub-domains employing one certification. Wildcard SSL certification is also quite valuable to save cash when have dependence on domain + its own sub domain safety.

Types of SSL certificates based on Validation

  • Domain Validation — The most basic type of SSL certificate that only verifies the ownership of this odmain through email before issuance the certificate.
  • Organization Validation — Validates the organizational ownership of the Site.
  • Extended Validation — Most secure form of SSL certification which are issued following rigorous background checks of the organization.

As you can see from the above, you need to make a selection of a SSL certificate according to two variables. The number of domain names, subdomains you want to procure and the level of validation you need.


Buy it for the long-term

SSL certificates are usually taken for a period one year or longer. There is nothing wrong in choosing a SSL certificate for a year. However , if you rethink, net security is not a cost you can discontinue after a year or so. It’s something you have to renew and maintain investing in on a regular basis. So it is logical to purchase SSL certificates for the long term, like for more than two years. Not only can your site stay upgraded and procured for a very long time period, you can get better prices also.

Buy from resellers

Resellers are basically intermediaries who sell SSL certificates of several brands/certificate government on a single website. They have tie ups with multiple certificate authorities for creating thier website a single hub from where people can search for any type of SSL certificate.

You’ve got a fat prospect of getting SSL certificates at a discounted price in the reseller website than in the CA’s original site. Additionally, there is no worry of any mishap, since those certificates arrive with all benefits that any initial SSL certificate offers because at the conclusion those certificates will be issued by certificate authorities themselves thus it’s possible to purchase it with full assurance via SSL reseller like ClickSSL.

Check for refunds/cashback

Like most tangible products which arrive with a refund/replacement program, check for SSL certificates also that wether it includes a refund or cashback policy or not. The purpose of this program is to ensure that customers are able to get refunds, if clients aren’t satified with SSL product.

Consequently, it ranks as one among the severe factors that you has to look for while buying a SSL certificate. Bear in mind, the refund or cashback offer might be valid only for a particular period of time, beyond which is may not apply. In most cases, the cashback is restricted to some 30-day span.

Compare market prices

This is a complete no-brainer! Still, it is surprising just how many men and women end up making errors of buying a costly SSL certificate every time a cheap choice is available. Always be sure to comb through the Internet and the many reseller websites to see how the market prices fare against each other. Each Certificate Authority and SSL provider might offer a slightly different cost fine tuned to their target customers. There might be differences in service quality, term of the certification, service and a lot more. Every one of these features will come to light only if you spend your time to compare market prices and features of SSL certificates.


Save Money On SSL Certificates

Securing website/webpage using a SSL certificate isn’t a big headche if you will consider some things. You should always look for ways to save costs and get the most from less. Above listed ways are straightforward that assist to save money while looking for SSL certificates.

Bear in mind, buying long-term is a surefire way to conserve costs. Don’t neglect to do cross price comparison on different stage to identify the best offer. Prior to making the payment, then double check to make certain refunds and cashbacks are accessible, in case something goes wrong.

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