Windows 7 ISO Free Download

Windows 7 ISO Free Download

Windows 7 ISO Free Download

Windows 7 is a personal computer OS which was developed by Microsoft. With Windows 7, people can pin apps to the taskbar. Moreover, users are able to rearrange the apps on the taskbar in any order. You can also maximize a window automatically by dragging it on the top screen. You also easily reach the desktop with the Show Desktop button on the bottom right of the screen, which minimizes all open windows.

You can easily download few amazing themes as well as background images from its RSS feed or personal Microsoft site. Moreover, you can also customize themes’ every part. You can send it to other windows 7 users.

It has various changes in this operating system. Like the past version of windows, windows 7 consists of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) help in interacting with the items given on the screen such as keyboard and mouse. Windows 7 also supports the window touch that supports touch screen input and functionality of multitouch.

It also includes items like support for hard disk, gaming addition, and many other features. Windows 7 is included with the advanced and updated version of wide ranges of applications has also consisted with the Window Media Center, Window Media Player, and Internet Explorer 8.

It consists of new multimedia feature which help in performing the functions of a computer. It has also improved the several areas of vistas some of the changes are just for beautify but some are invented for more productivity. It comes with some of the new and most compelling features which will make a difference in your system. Some features are small and some of them are major but when you will use them together it will provide be the best and exciting version of the window.

Features Of Windows 7

Stream the videos and audios

It is a programme which allows your device to stream the videos and audios to different computers while sitting from your place. With the help of this programme in just one click, you can send different types of audios and videos to your friends or relatives system.

Taskbar Reload

It can reload with the taskbar. Its taskbar is less clustered then the vistas. In the windows 7 version, it is able to handle all the running apps in your computer with ease. With this, your system will not get overloaded and does not hang. You easily run your system with the apps which you want to use.

Aero shake

It has a good feature of aero shake in which you will click on the window pane and shake your mouse then all the other open windows will get minimize and you can easily use all the functions easily. For regaining it into the normal size you have to again shake the panel and they all will come to its original size.

More responsive and speedy

When people use window vistas they suffer from incompatibility and many other issues but the major issue was of speed, the speed in vistas is very slow. But with windows 7, it brings more responsive and speedy feel for the people. Microsoft has also spent lots of time in starting the menu. It has also spent some time in improving the desktop by making it more responsive through which people feel that their system was under their control and responding to them. It has also booted the time and the sequence of the boot is speedier then vistas.

Features Of Windows 7

Aero themes and aero background

It consist of aero themes and aero background feature which you can use themes or as a slide show of your favourite pictures in your computer and could reflect your personal view.

Jump lists

It has included with the conveniences of jump lists. In the list, they add context-sensitive taskbar menus which would help in starting the accomplish things given in the application before you open them.

Good compatibility

The compatibility in windows 7 is better than in vistas. In past version of windows, most of the programmes which are used by the companies and peoples so they do not work in proper manner and always demand updates but in windows 7 the applications which are run on vistas are still running.


It includes the tray for a system which you will definitely love. It helps in preventing the system tray with new control and it will protect from overflowing of unwanted apps which distracts you by unhelpful and irrelevant messages. This will make your work without any interruptions.

Can run in the lower hardware

In windows 7 can also run in the lower hardware and it makes the transition less painful from Window XP. In this version of window, Microsoft is pushing it for a notebook which could provide modern replacement through which you could found a new record for life.

Bit locker

It consists of the bit locker and bit locker goes which helps in protecting the sensitive data. It invents a new and easy way to recover the drives form your system. They have also extended the protection for the USB removable storage device.

Window media player

It has window media player as it is the new file format. It helps in supporting which enables the window media player 12 which protects the system from playing unprotected videos and audios.

Digital TV as well as Internet

It has included the feature of digital TV as well as Internet. Through this feature, you can turn your computer into video recorder by supporting the window media center for broadcasting new TV tuners and you can also watch internet TV content.

Improved the search tool

One of the best features of windows 7 that has improved the search tool through you can easily find the things in a quick manner. For example, your search for the mouse option and then it will bring mouse option in the control panel or it can also display and divide it into files, folders, and applications. They have also introduced with the concept of a library, this library included the pictures, documents, and multiple locations.

Large Taskbar Icon

In the past version of windows, the taskbar has not many things but in windows 7 it has taken new shape and has become more powerful. The taskbar icon has become larger and function of it has grouped but they are not labelled in clumsy form.

Home group

It has a feature of a home group through which you can easily share the files and printer. Through which you can easily share your files and documents Same As Windows 10

More Important Features

  • If in your system you have used the multiple Word Documents or Window Explorer then you will able to see that a stack will get appear on the taskbar. When you will move the mouse over the apps then each window will get visible in thumbnails. You can directly close each document or windows down from the thumbnails.
  • If you right click on the mouse you will give jumps menu and it allows accessing the recent documents in speed and through this feature you can also pin the apps directly from the taskbar of your choice.
  • It includes VAN through which you can select and connect with the available network which includes broadband and Wi-Fi in just one click.

How To Install Windows 7 Iso

How To Install Windows 7 Iso

You can use a DVD of windows 7 and in this; you just need to set the boot sequence. But first, you should check that your boot device is set for DVD – ROM or CD – ROM.

  • Firstly, you should place windows 7 DVD in your DVD rom device and then you should start your system. After this windows 7 will start boot up and you will able to see the progress bar in your system.
  • Next, you have to set up your language, item, keyboard or input method, and currency format. Fill all your required setting and click on the next button for continuing.
  • After that, you will see that your system screen allows for installing and repairing the windows 7.when the system is doing for clean installation you have to click on the install now option.
  • After this you will find two options on your screen is upgrade and custom (advanced) option. Since we are doing a clean installation we have to click on the custom (advanced) option.
  • Now the window will start installing and it will copy all the necessary files.
  • Through the process of installation, it will process form many stages and your system reboot many times.
  • After this your system will ready for first use and then you have to choose computer and user name. Then click on the next button.
  • Now you have to choose a password and password hint.
  • In the next step, you have to type product key and click on the next button. Now set the time and date. Select the time zone and click on the next button.
  • After the last installation window will restart.

System Requirments For Windows 7

  • RAM : 1GB Or Higher
  • Hard Disk Space : 16GB Or More
  • Processor : 1 Gigahertz Or Faster
  • Graphics : Directx 9 With WDDM 1.0 Or Higher

System Requirments


Windows 7 is an amazing operating system with few flaws save which support for it will end sooner than other OS options. It provides good speeds as well as streamlines the interface while maintaining amazing features which includes the Aero graphical enhancements as well as User Account Control sandbox.

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