Windows 10 ISO Free Download

Windows 10 ISO Free Download

Windows 10 ISO Free Download

Microsoft has launched a new series of Window which is known as Windows 10. It is a personal Operating System. This is the latest Windows OS which features several changes & good user interface. It is invented with a new basis that is available without any cost for the user. It is released in a new full-fledged operating system like a successor. If anyone is adopting a new version of the window then they can directly upgrade their legacy system already in form of window 8 or Windows 7 into the Windows 10. You have no need to performing intrusive, re-imaging, the procedure for up-graded and time-wasting system wipes.

With Windows 10 version, they are trying to unify different operating system for a variety of devices which includes phones, PCs, and video consoles. IT users for upgrading past version to Windows 10 run the new version of the window through OS installer which helps in transferring the applications and software in the past version of OS with this they also transfer setting and preference over Microsoft Windows 10. It depends on the users and organization to choose how they want to patch and update new version of window.

The latest version of the window which has introduced the operating system is known by the company as universal apps. It includes apps that are developed so that they can easily work on personal computers, smartphones, and many more aspects.

Users can also access Windows 10 upgrade through the window update assistant for begin at manual. They can also wait for the update of a window that will offer an upgrade when it will set for running. An operating system manages all the software and hardware present on the computer. Without any Operating System, the computer is useless and nothing will work.

Features Of Windows 10 ISO

Expended start menu

In the past version window 8, they have introduced with start screen for launching the screen. In Windows 10 Microsoft has again launched the start menu, now it has expanded and now you can find important apps easily. Now in this version when you will click on the start menu you will find two panels in the left side column you will find pinned and recently used apps. And in the right column, you will see live titles. At the top you will see the power button with this you will also explore other buttons like shutdown, standby, and hibernate.

Microsoft Edge

It has included with Microsoft Edge which is a new browser that is designed for giving the best experience on the web. This new feature is faster, easier, and secure. With this, it also includes more new features. The most important thing of inventing Microsoft Edge to replace the Internet Explorer forms your web browser. If you want to use Internet Explorer then you can use it.

Save lots of Time

With the new features of Windows 10, you can save your lots of time. With the quick and hardworking features and by having a new way to interact with your system Windows 10 will help you in an effective and efficient way.

Cortana Integration

It has included with the Cortana Integration feature in this Windows 10 Microsoft has voice digital voice controlled in your computer and make easier for you so that you can interact with the client with the help of your device on your fingertip. It is similar to Google Now and Siri through which you can talk through computers microphone. Using Cortana for voice commands you can also use it for adding calendar events, and for a set reminder.

Features Of Windows 10 Iso

Multiple desktops

In the new version of Windows 10 they have added multiple desktops through which you have no need to open everything in one desktop and you can shift other things to a virtual desktop. With this Microsoft has creates the ability to manage the multiple desktops. Through this feature, you can easily and quickly work between the different desktops. The feature of a virtual desktop is known as Task View that is located on the taskbar. For adding new desktop you have to click on the plus sign.

Security system with comprehensive protection

In Windows 10 the security system is more standard. It is the most secure window ever that provides comprehensive protection without paying any extra charge. By chance, if you forget your password then, in this case, you can use your face and fingerprint and it makes your system more secure and safe and then you can instantly unlock your computer.

Action center notification

It has updated with the action center notification and the new one is different from the past version of windows. Through this feature, you can expand and let you access used the setting such as tablet mode and connectivity for Wi-Fi. Through this feature, you can see the important notification when your computer receives any information related to your updation. The option of notification icon was exploring on the right side of the screen and in just one click you can easily see the notification.

Universal app

In the version of Windows 10, Microsoft has invented it for turning desktop into a tablet. In this Microsoft has invented the new category of software known as a universal app. In this, it uses the same code but they adopt interface for the device and it is handy for you. In Windows 10 Microsoft has built its universal apps set with the help of OS which includes music, apps, photos, videos, messaging, mail, and calendar.

Create and edit pictures

In the Windows 10, you can create and edit pictures by using your creativity. In this, it automatically organizes the photos and also tags your photos. Here you can easily search for photos. Even you can add a mixture of 3D effects in your picture in a simple and easy way. It also helps in giving a great impact on the email and PowerPoint.

Switch to your system into tablet mode

With the new version of the window, you can easily switch to your system into tablet mode. If you are using keyboard and mouse with your system then you are in desktop mode in Windows 10 and if your system also has a touch screen then you can go for tablet mode any time whenever you want. Tablet user can also switch to the desktop mode if you want to prefer.

Unique style of working

Features and apps of Windows 10 are more efficient and take less energy. It makes your work hassle-free. You can easily highlight the important points and headlines. Through this, you can separate your work with the usual one. If you have a personal preference or you have a unique style of working can also adopt by a window.

Make your system efficient and effective

Windows 10 is similar to the old version of window 8. The Windows 10 is faster and more secure other versions of windows. For meeting the requirements of your system with the updated version of Windows 10 then you can easily install it. Providing new features and functions to your computer which can make your system efficient and effective. In the field of IT, organization Windows 10 manages and protects data and devices for protecting it. It also helps in providing the ability to the individual to grow the productivity of the organization.

License key

There are many other situations also from where you can get the license key and put there. If you have bought Windows 10 form store or downloading then you will get a proper and full code of Windows 10. So you can enter that code and it will never ask it again.  If you are upgrading your system from windows 7 or Windows 8 then, in this case, your licenses will allow you to move to a new computer. It means you have upgraded your system then you can easily move your OS to a new computer and could claim for an upgrade.

Touch support

In the new version of Windows 10, you will get touch support it means apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook you will able to touch them in your mobiles, system, and tablets. At the top of the apps, the persistence function ribbon is now known as app bar and it will be shown to you when you want to see them. In the Outlook, you can delete the messages from your inbox by just swiping it towards the left side. The apps will work the same in your system also and it will provide you with logical experience.

How To Install Windows 7 Disc Image

How to Install Windows 10 Bootable Disc

Step 1 – Enter the BIOS of computer

Firstly, you should make sure that your system is ready for booting. Insert your DVD or USB installation and restart your system. After this, you will find that your computer has been an override of the special menu while booting. For accessing it, you can press the key F10. If override menu is not available then you have to visit the BIOS or UEFI setup programme through which you can change the setting of your computer.

Step 2 – Set PC to boot from USB or DVD

Now you have to change the order of the boot. Some of the bootable drives are listed as a hard disk. Then, you have to set hard disk and after that go for the hard disk booting. Then you should find it and select and then click on the restart button. Press on any button for booting your system.

Step 3 – Select Windows 10 clean install option

Once you are in Setup program, you can choose your language, currency & time format & input method, and then click on Next button. After that, you can click the Install Now button. Now you need to enter Window Key and you have to read and accept the license term given in the page. Now next screen will be appeared, you can select Custom Install Window (advanced). It will ask for the Licence key, which depends on the type of Windows 10 you are installing.

Step 4- Choose your SSD or hard disk

If your disk has OS previously, then you will find a screen with many partitions and disks ( ‘Drive 0’, ‘Drive 1’ and so on). So, you have to delete all these partitions, after that you can install windows and press Next to install.

System Requirments For Windows 7

System Requirments For Windows 10

  • Processor : 1 Gigahertz Or Faster
  • RAM : 1GB Or Higher
  • Hard Disk Space : 16GB Or More
  • Graphic Cards : DirectX9 Or Later
  • Display : 800X600


Overall, windows 10 contains a wide range of important enhancements and features, such as tons of settings tweaks, Cortana and search modifications, changes to the Windows Shell , and some new apps. Its operating system also consisted of the virtual-based security like Window defender device guard and window defender credential guard. These features of Windows 10 make its software and process protect from any type of attack or damage.

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