Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Download

Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Download

Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Download

Microsoft office 2016 has really brought substantial changes in the way of using Microsoft Word. There is no doubt that Microsoft Word has always remained as one of the preferred choices for digital writing. More than 60% of offices goers prefer Microsoft Word instead of any other similar platform. This is true despite the presence of many other options. Now with the great features that had been added to Microsoft Word in the year 2016, the percentage of people using it has increased even more! The reason for this is the great features that exist in this platform. In this narrative, we are definitely going to take up some of them.

Features Of Microsoft Office 2016 

Spelling And Grammar

Now the proofreading has become pleasant and easy. This is because one does not have to do many things in this realm manually. Wondering how? The Microsoft Word 2016 version is now capable of checking the spellings and grammar. It detects the wrong sentences and a fine red line appears below them indicating the wrong built sentence. Whether it is a single spelling, some wrong use of punctuation mark or even the wrong use of tenses, the red line shows each and every kind of mistakes.

No Need To Close The Word Now

Initially, to look at some other features or check any other stuff like PowerPoint slides etc. one always had to leave the Microsoft Word. That is one of the things that people hate the most. Guess what! Now this problem is resolved because Microsoft Word 2016 is now giving users the leeway. You can now browse the internet, sun slides, visit your LinkedIn profile etc. without leaving your MS Word. This means that your flow of writing will not be broken and your concentration will now not be disturbed.

Collaborate Easily

The other great aspect that Microsoft 2016 has provided is that the sharing has become far more accessible and you do not have to follow a complicated process now. You can now get real-time edits without any hassle. You can now let your peers do it in the real-time. Just a few clicks and you can invite anyone across the world you like who is sitting online.

Features Of Microsoft Office 2016

Your Choice Of Browser

No matter which browser you are using, Microsoft Word is now befriending every browser. That means you do not have to specifically choose any browser just to get a compatibility with the MS Word. Now you can work with the browser of your choice and do not have to worry about any compatibility or support issues.

The Familiar Stuff

The interface of every feature and app in the realm of Microsoft Word 2016 is familiar. This means that the features are inevitably new but there is actually nothing that one needs to learn to use those features to their advantage.

The Added Advantages

You can edit any type of documents in Microsoft Word 2016 version. Be it your resumes or newsletters, everything can be converted into a word copy. Moreover, you can now go an extra mile as you can invite people to edit the desired document in real time. Just imagine when you will have experts in real time to make changes in your document, and then you will definitely be able to produce impressive copies.

You also have the option of adding and saving the free templates. With the help of tools which greatly helps in formatting, you can save a lot of time and work according to your pace.

Online research is just a click away in Microsoft Word 2016 version. You just have to work with add-ins. For instance, you can add Wikipedia add-in in your Word Document and can research without leaving your document. It is of great help.

Cutting The License

One of the major things that has given a lot of comfort to people in Microsoft Word 2016 is the PDF compatibility feature. Due to this, this has helped in cutting the cost of the other software.

Notable Thing

Microsoft Word 2016 has also given users a gift of better reading and writing. In the reading realm, there are many options that can make reading easy. You can choose the font and size from the plethora of others that are present. The color can also be altered. As a reader, one must think that this feature is present even in the older versions of Microsoft Word Document then how could it be more helpful now? The answer to this is that lots of fonts are added in this version and so users have more choice. It also gives the suggestion of a style of writings like centered text, the alignments and much more.

How Microsoft Office Is Helpful?

Many people today proclaim that they are now able to curate their work in the best manner. The blogs and the user feedback shows how people appreciate its new added features and how they are now able to save much time. One of the most praised features in this realm is the usage of Microsoft Word with PowerPoint. You can work using the word and can convert your stiff as a PowerPoint presentation. Now imagine how effective it could be.

It was really tiring switching from one window to another for using different options. But now with this version, it is just possible. People working in corporate offices have now got a sigh of relief because they do not have to switch tabs and windows for making their presentations. From students to employees, everyone has a unanimous view of Microsoft Word and that is it has added to their value.

System Requirements To Office 2016 Iso

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 1GB Or More.
  • Hard Disk Space: 4GB Or More
  • Processor: 1GHz Or Faster


System Requirments For Office 2016


Using Microsoft Word has become really profitable now due to its additional features. These features can make a boring piece of narrative into an effective presentation. More and more people are making the best possible use of the features that this version has provided to the people. So, do not lag and get to know and use what all Microsoft Word 2016 is offering.

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