FMWhatsapp For Android

FMWhatsapp For Android

FMWhatsapp For Android

We all use WhatsApp in our daily need, and it also helps us doing chats and video calls with people’s who are in other countries at a very low cost of Internet Data. The of Internet has also much decreased and because of this if you are unable to connect a call with your friend then you can do Voice call with him or her with the help of the Internet.

But, for using some extra features and removing limitations of official WhatsApp most of the people use FMWhatsApp in their mobile phone. So, in this article, we are going to give you some thoughts related to the advantages and disadvantages of Fmwhatsapp according to some famous editors of Malavida’s website.

  • Lory Guilloux

According to Lory Guilloux, He saw many advantages of using FMWhatsApp like, you will be able to get some more features which official WhatsApp does not have. Like when you send any image to your contact at that time FMWhatsApp will send without losing quality of it. You can also add a password to some specific chats. The disadvantage of FMWhatsApp is that the FMWhatsApp For Android will not get always the latest update as official WhatsApp and it also has some security issue.

  • Antony Peel

According to Antony Peel,  the best thing which he likes in FMWhatsApp is that it is more customizable, you can change the theme and use emoji. You can also hide the view status of anyone. Means after you have seen someone’s status of your Contact after that also they will not able to see that you have viewed their status.

  • Héctor Hernández

Probably the best forum I’ve run over, particularly in light of the fact that it reports all the time to steadily include more things. It has nearly all that I need, truth be told, numerous different mods depend on this one. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to utilize some other new form in the event that I can utilize the first one? I can send bigger records than with some other MOD, watch YouTube recordings without leaving the application… And I can likewise benefit as much as possible from the upsides of other famous MODs. Unparalleled, for now.

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Advantages of FMWhatsApp For Android :

  • You can customize to FMWhatsApp interface according to your choice.
  • You will also get some extra privacy-related advantage with chats and the connection status to whom you want to show.
  • If you are using FMWhatsApp then you will be able to use two WhatsApp at the same time.

Disadvantages of FMWhatsApp For Android :

  • If you are using FMWhatsApp then you will not be able to know that it is leaking our data and giving to third-parties or not.
  • The updates consistently fall behind those of the authority application. Accordingly, significant security perspectives might be unprotected because of a late update.


NOTE: We don’t encourage using WhatsApp MODs and all of them are provided just for educational and research purpose only. The FMWhatsApp have an anti-ban feature to keep your account safe still you will be responsible if any issues occur.

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