Cisco DevNet Associate Certification and Training

Novelties of 2020: Cisco DevNet Associate Certification and Training with Exam Dumps

Novelties of 2020: Cisco DevNet Associate Certification and Training with Exam Dumps

With the constant development in the field of IT and the potential growth of network automation, there are many new skills that are required to optimally function in various facets of the industry. To equip all the interested individuals with new skills and knowledge, Cisco has introduced some new sets of credentials. One such is Cisco DevNet. This certification track is aimed at those professionals who want to create competence in developing integrations and writing applications with Cisco platforms, APIs, and products.

To start out in the certification path, Cisco Certified DevNet Associate is the first step to take. This credential validates the skills and knowledge required to develop and maintain applications that are created on the Cisco platform. To earn this credential, you have to pass a single exam, which covers the basics of software design and development for Cisco platforms.

If you want to take up job roles that will require that you put together applications for the system, Cisco Examsnap will equip you for the role. It’s important to mention that DevNet is available in three levels – Associate, Specialist, Professional. There will be also Expert that should be announced in the future. You can choose a specific level that you want to start based on your experience and skills.

Overview of Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification

Thisassociate-level credential validates the knowledge and skills of DevOps engineers, software developers, automation specialists, and other professionals involved in software development and management. This certificate also confirms the emerging technical knowledge and abilities of a new generation of IT experts. It also allows the organizations to be open to the huge potential of infrastructure, applications, and automation for network, Cloud, DevOps, and Internet of Things (IoT). The specialists for this certification have at least one year of hands-on experience in the areas of developing and managing applications built on Cisco platforms.

To earn this Cisco DevNet Associate credential, the students are required to pass a single exam, Cisco 200-901 (DEVASC). Before they take it, we highly recommend that they develop competence in the topic areas. Basically, there are six of them to be studied. They include:

  • Understanding & utilization of APIs: 20%;
  • Infrastructure & Automation: 20%;
  • Cisco Platforms & Development: 15%;
  • Network Fundamentals: 15%;
  • Software Development and Design: 15%;
  • Application Deployment & Security: 15%.

Novelties of 2020: Cisco DevNet Associate Certification and Training with Exam Dumps

Prerequisites for Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification

There is no formal requirement for obtaining the DevNet Associate credential. However, it is recommended that you have an extensive understanding of the scope of the exam objectives prior to your attempt. The examine should also have hands-on work experience with at least one programming language, precisely Python. In addition to this, they need to have more than one year of work experience in the development and maintenance of applications that are built on Cisco platforms. Apart from the experienced network engineers, the entry-level developers can also pursue this certification to increase their skill sets in automation and software.

Preparation process for Cisco 200-901 (DEVASC) exam

Cisco 200-901 DEVASC is the onlytest that the candidates have to pass in order to get DevNet Associate. To increase your chances for success, it is recommended that you cover the whole content before taking it.Follow the simple tips highlighted below to get prepared and pass the exam with flying colors.

  • Take a Training Course

Going through an official training course will help you better understand the exam content from an expert perspective. If you have a busy schedule and you can’t take the instructor-led training, it is recommended that you enroll for the self-paced course. This will help you take your training at your convenience. You can also go over it several times to understand every aspect of the topics. There are many platforms that offer online training courses. You can start with the official ones and find their details on the certification webpage. You can also add the video tutorials from the Examsnap website.

  • Use A Study Guide

There is no way you can study for any certification test without having an official study guide. It provides the details of the components as well as explanations on specific areas of the exam content.

  • Take a practice test

You can increase your success in the exam if you dedicate enough time to taking practice tests. With them, you can evaluate your level of readiness. You can easily identify the knowledge gap and make a quick attempt to cover the areas before taking Cisco 200-901. There are various online platforms where you can find this type of prep materials.But you have to be sure that the ones you are using are up-to-date and relevant to the specific exam you want to take. You can check Examsnap for some of the most updated mock tests for the DevNet Associate credential. You can also find study guides, exam dumps, and other preparation resources on this site.

Opportunities for Cisco DevNet Associate certificate holders

Earning an IT certificate is meant to give you an edge in the job market. The exciting thing is that with DevNet Associate, there are many job roles that you can fill. They come with rewarding remuneration, and if you progress to build on the certification path, you can take up more rewarding job titles as you grow in your career. Some of those you can take up with this Cisco credential include the following:

  • Test Development Engineer;
  • Developer/Junior Developer;
  • Junior DevOps Engineer;
  • Automation Engineer;
  • Junior Development Engineer;
  • Junior Application Developer;
  • Junior Software Engineer;
  • Junior Cloud Developer;
  • Junior Site Reliability Engineer;
  • Associate Site Reliability Engineer;
  • Entry-Level/Junior DevOps Engineer.

Recertification process for Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification

Just like most of the Cisco credentials, DevNet Associate is valid for a period of three years and then you have the opportunity to recertify. There are different ways you can do this, which also include:

  • Pass the associated exam;
  • Attend Cisco Live training sessions;
  • Complete online training courses;
  • Complete instructor-led training.

It’s important to note that you have to fulfill the recertification prerequisites before the expiration date of your badge. If ithappens before you start the process, you will have to repeat it from the beginning, which includes taking the exam to get your certification status.


Cisco Certified DevNet Associate is a new certification that has fast-growing popularity, so it will be an advantage for you to obtain it. The most important task will be to know all the required details in order to take and successfully pass the respective exam and get this associate-level credential with ease.

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